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Posted by on Jan 17, 2022 in escorts, Uncategorized | 0 comments

My secret affair with my clinic nurse

I had to check into a clinic in Belsize Park after collapsing with stress at work. At first, I thought that I would be able to deal with the problem by having a couple of weeks of work, but things were not getting any better. My personal favorite at Belsize Park escorts said that I did not look too good, and in the end, she helped me to find a stress clinic in Belsize Park. I checked in and started to change my life thanks to the help of a smart lady at a Belsize Park escorts service of


The only problem was that I had to stay at the clinic 24/7, and I could not go to see my favorite girls at Belsize Park escorts. It was kind of frustrating and I ended up missing the girls at Belsize Park escorts a lot. Of course, I cannot say that the nurses at the clinic were not sexy, and there was one nurse that I fancied in particular. Her name was Maggie and she was one of the sexiest ladies that I had ever met. To be honest, she could easily have been a porn star.


Maggie also reminded me of a girl that I used to date at Belsize Park escorts a few years ago. This girl from a top Belsize Park escorts service had been excellent at helping me to relax. We had also got on very well personally, so seeing more ore less the spitting image of her, did get my motor running. One night when I could not sleep because I felt stressed out, Maggie came to sit with me and one thing led to another. I could not believe that I had bedded a nurse at the clinic.


Anyway, I had another couples of weeks of treatment to go, and I kept spending time with Maggie. In many ways, she was stunning and she was just as nice as many of the girls at Belsize Park escorts services. We kept meeting up, and I am pretty sure that it was Maggie who put me on the road to recovery. Did I fall in love with her? To be fair, it was not that kind of relationship, and I felt that I could not really let go of me completely, and just indulge myself with Maggie. I was still missing the girls at Belsize Park escorts.


When I finally checked out from the clinic, I knew that I would miss Maggie. I asked if I could see her again, but she said no. It was just one of those flings and affairs that you sometimes have in your life. I have back dating Belsize Park escorts now, but one thing has changed. For whatever reason, I seem to have developed this addiction to role play, and I now love to date this girl who likes to dress up as a nurse. She really turns me on and in many ways, she reminds me of Maggie back at the clinic. You can easily say that I have come full circle, but at least I am not stressed any more. Perhaps we all need a bit of nursing.

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